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KreditBee Instant Personal Loan | Download | Interest Rate

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Then you are at right Post... because in this post we are going to tell you about KreditBee Instant Personal Loan . All the informations

Friends, at any point of time, you read the need of money. Sometimes you get to see this for a small amount. That's what you get to see very often sometimes. In such a situation, the person gets worried that how should he arrange these money? In such a situation, he asks for his relatives, or from his friends there, but he also does not give much to you, in such a situation you sit down disappointed. In such a situation, today we have brought such an application for you, which can help you a little. Today we have brought you the KreditBee Personal Loan application. You can also take a loan of up to 2 lakhs from here. So today we will tell you about this application. How can you take loan from here? What is the interest rate charged on the loan to you?


KreditBee Personal Loan App

KreditBee Personal Loan Amount

Friends, first of all let us talk about how much loan you can get from KreditBee? If you want to take a loan from here, then you can apply for a loan of at least 1 thousand from here. And if you talk about maximum loan then you can apply for loan up to 2 lakh from KreditBee. So you can get personal loan from 1000 to 2,00,000 from KreditBee. So now after getting this information, now we know what percentage of interest rate you will be charged from this application.


Interest Rate Of KreditBee Personal Loan

Interest Rate Of KreditBee Personal Loan

Friends, if you take any loan, for any amount, then it is most important from there, that according to what % interest is charged to you on that loan? So now let's talk about what percentage of interest rate is charged to you from KreditBee Personal Loan. So let us tell you that you do not get to see any kind of interest rate at least from KreditBee. That is, you get to see an interest rate of at least 0% here. And if we now talk about how much loan you can get maximum from here. So now let us tell you that you get to see an interest rate of maximum 29.95% from KreditBee Personal Loan. That is, KreditBee charges you an interest ranging from 0% to 29.95%, if you apply for a loan from here.

Here is the process to apply for loan :-


Processing Fees Of KreditBee Personal Loan

You are charged a monthly processing fee from KreditBee. You do not get to see any kind of processing fee here, at least not like the interest rate. And the same you get to see processing fees of maximum 2.49%. After knowing about the processing fee, let us now know that for how long the loan will be given to you from KreditBee Personal Loan, it will be given to you.



Tenure Rate Of KreditBee Personal Loan

So friends, let us talk about knowing about the interest rate, now we know that for how long will you get the loan you are going to get from here? The loan you will get from the CreditBee Personal Loan application will be given to you for a minimum period of 62 days. That is, you can take a loan from here for about 2 months. And now let's talk about how long you will get more, then it will be given to you for 15 months. That is, for about 1 year 3 months. After knowing the information about how long the loan will be available, now we know what kind of loans you get to see from KreditBee. How many types of loans do you get to see?


Loans From KreditBee Personal Loan

You get to see cool 3 types of loans from this application. Whose information is given to you below.

Flexi Personal Loan -: In this type of loan, you are given a loan ranging from 1,000 to 50,000. And the specialty of this loan is that you will get this loan in your bank account within 10 minutes. For this you will just need your PAN card and address proof. In this loan, minimum tenure of 62 days and a maximum of 6 months.

Personal Loan For Salaried -: This loan is mainly for the people working on salary. If you want to take this loan, then you can take a loan of minimum 10,000 and maximum 2 lakh from here. Which is given to you for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 15 months. For this loan you need your address proof, pan card and salary proof.

Online Purchase Loan-: In this loan you can buy anything from anywhere without paying any money. You can pay the original cost of the item as EMI later. You can use it on big shopping websites.


for example......

If you take a loan of Rs.50,000 for 12 months, and you are charged interest at the rate of 20%. On which you get to see a processing fee of 2.5%. So if you are a new customer then you will have to pay Rs 200 more, and together with GST, you get to see the total interest of 5,581. You will be credited to the bank a total of 48.289, and you will have to return a total of 55,581.

Features Of KreditBee Personal Loan

1. This loan will be given 100% online. You do not need any paperwork to take this loan.

2. You get this loan approved very quickly, which saves you a lot of time.

3. The loan amount is credited to your bank immediately. So that you do not have to wait for when the loan will come in your bank account.


Eligibility For KreditBee Personal Loan

1. You must be a citizen of India, if you are not a citizen of India, then you do not get to see a personal loan from KreditBee.

2. You must be at least 21 years of age to take this loan. There is no such thing in this loan that you should be 18 years old.

3. You must have some source of income.


KreditBee Personal Loan Kaise Le?

First of all you have to download this application from Google. Then you have to create an account in it. Then you have to enter some of your basic information to know whether you are eligible for this loan or not? Then you have to upload your documents. In which your ID proof and address proof will also be required. Then you will be given this loan in your bank account. In this way you can take loan from KreditBee Personal Loan.


So friends, if you have any objection in this post of ours today, then definitely tell us in the comments, so that we can remove your objection. And let us know if you have any suggestion. Till then bye

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